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Ensuring your loved one returns Home

Repatriation (National – Within the UK)

  • If your loved one has died elsewhere in the UK, the procedures are quite straight forward.
  • Typically a local funeral director, hospital, care home or police will be involved, depending on the circumstances.
  • John McLellan & Co will coordinate with the funeral director, hospital, care home or police to arrange all of the details regarding transportation
  • As per usual, the death must be registered; however, unlike an international repatriation, it is possible to register the death once your loved one has returned to Fort William (unless the death occurred out with Scotland then the death needs to be registered in the country of death)
  • All of the relevant paperwork will be coordinated by John McLellan & Co and your loved one’s funeral will be carried out according to your wishes as early as possible.

Repatriation (International)

Repatriation can seem overwhelming, but we will support you in every possible way throughout the process.

  • If you are traveling abroad it is important that your travel insurance covers repatriation in the case of a death, as then there will be no additional cost over and above the standard funeral costs.
  • Upon a death the first step is to contact the British Embassy in the country of death, they will advise you on the customs and requirements pertaining to the registration of the death and care of the deceased.
  • The Embassy will in turn contact John McLellan & Co (as your chosen funeral director) and we will work together with the local funeral director in the country of death to coordinate the details for transporting your loved one back to the UK.
  • As your chosen funeral director, we will handle the administrative and logistical matters so you can focus on the more important things.
  • Once confirmation of your loved one’s return has been received, the specific arrangements for the funeral can be finalised.
  • Unfortunately, there are no guarantees on the timeline associated with an international repatriation, but we are committed to making the process as simple as possible for you.

Whatever you choose, John McLellan & Co are committed to ensuring that your wishes are carried out to the highest standard.