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Celebrating Every Life

Funeral planning is required to ensure your loved one is remembered and celebrated in the manner that they would desire. We understand that this is a very stressful time and we will guide you through every step of arranging the funeral with respect and dignity, and provide the service of which your loved one would be proud.

What should I bring to the Arrangement?

  • Personal Information
    • Deceased Full Name
    • Deceased Date of Birth
    • Deceased Birth and Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
    • Deceased Parents Full Name (Including Mothers Maiden Name)
  • Questions – We will answer any questions that you might have for us

What happens during the Arrangement process?

  • You will meet with our Funeral Staff to discuss and arrange all details relating to the Funeral Service of your loved one.
  • This person will oversee all details for the funeral service ranging from traditional burial to the contemporary cremation (examples include):
    • Confirming Funeral Service times
    • Selection of Coffin for your Loved One
    • Selecting and Confirming Clergy for the Service
    • Placement of the Obituary Notice in Local Shops and Local and National Papers
    • Confirming Information with the selected Council
    • Arranging for a Catered Reception, if requested
    • Arranging all special details of the Visitation and/or Ceremony
    • Arranging a time, if you wish to view your Loved One
Whatever you choose, John McLellan & Co are committed to ensuring that your wishes are carried out to the highest standard.